Is your child away from school?

Reporting a past, present or future absence is easy!  Call 4699 6222, and leave a message or email​. Please leave the following details for each child who will be absent:

·         Student's name

·         Student's class

·         Date of absence

·         Reason for absence

·         Anticipated date of return

·         Contact telephone number

Extended Absences

Is your child going to be away for more than 3 days due to illness?

Provide a medical certificate to the Administration Office upon the student's return.

Is your child going to be away for 3 or more days for any other reason?

Provide written advice (letter/email) to the Administration Office prior to the student's absence.

Absences of more than 3 months require the approval of the Principal, in order to continue a child's enrolment.  Please email to make an appointment.

Absences that are not explained are reported on your child's report card.

Late Arrival

Running late?

·The first bell rings at 8.50am and all students should be seated in class by 8:55am.

·Students arriving at any time after 8:55am need to be signed in at the Administration  Office by a parent/ guardian or registered emergency contact (over 18) and then escorted to their classroom.

·Students arriving after 11am will be recorded as a morning absence on your child's report card.

Early Departures

Need to collect your child from school early?

·Advise your child's teacher the time and reason your child will be leaving school that day.

·All students leaving before 3pm need to be signed out at the Administration Office by a parent/ guardian or registered emergency contact (over 18) and then collected from their classroom.

·Students leaving before 1pm will be recorded as an afternoon absence on your child's report card.

Can't collect your child from the classroom?

Where possible, please arrange to collect your child during break times, as they do not need to be accompanied to the office during break times.  Our school's break times are:

11am to 11:35am, and

1:10pm to 1:50pm.

Advise both your child and your child's teacher of the time they are to come to the office – the start or end of break times are easiest for children to remember.

Please be aware that having children sent to the office for collection during class time, particularly at short notice, is very disruptive for the class as a whole.  In addition, two of your child's classmates miss valuable in-class time whilst escorting your child to the Administration Office and then returning to class.

In the younger year levels particularly, interrupting children's class-work to walk a classmate to the office for early collection is quite detrimental.  We understand that in an emergency situation, early collection of students from the Administration Office is essential.  However, in non-emergency situations we ask that you sign students out at the office and then collect them from the classroom.


Last reviewed 06 October 2021
Last updated 06 October 2021