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Speech and drama
A Speech and Drama program is run within Highfields State School by Mrs Kathie Hendon (Grad Dip. Teach, BA, M. Lit. Studies, Dip. ASCA), director of the Act ‘n’ Grow School of Theatre.    

This program caters for students from the shy to the “out there” drama kings and queens.    Mrs Hendon makes it a priority to consider individual personalities and endeavours to combine her classes in a way that encourages students to support each other.
The Act ‘n’ Grow program is threefold:
Act ‘n’ Grow students are encouraged to perform each year in the Toowoomba Eisteddfod – in May, in the groups and pairs sections to build confidence on stage;  and then to venture in August into the Solo sections of the Eisteddfod.
In this way, students not only gain confidence but also learn to appreciate the work of other students and to make connections with peers from other schools.   Many friendships are formed out of these connections.
At the end of each year, students undertake exams (either ASCA or AMEB), in order to set goals for themselves and to receive feedback on their progress.   
In 2019, the program runs as follows:
·         Stage A  Act ‘n’ Grow consists of 10 lessons (across the school Terms 1 & 2) up to the May eisteddfod.
·         Stage B  Act ‘n’ Grow consists of 10 lessons (across the school Terms 2 & 3) up to the August eisteddfod.
·         Stage C  Act ‘n’ Grow consists of 8 lessons (across Terms 3 & 4) when students work essentially on  a “one-man show” consisting of combinations of mime, poetry, drama and prose readings to present  for an exam certificate.
Registration costs $20 per family for the year.   
Fees for the Groups and Pairs lessons for Grades 4 – 6  in Stage A are $25 per ¾ hour lesson.
Fees for the Individual lessons (again for Grades 4 – 6) in Stages B and C are $45 per ¾ hour lesson.   
For Years 1 – 3,  the fee structure is $20 per pair/group lesson – these lessons are only 30 minutes long.   
Parents need to be aware there is a separate cost too, for ASCA and AMEB exam fees.  
The Toowoomba Eisteddfod also requires a small entry fee for each section entered, usually no more than $10.
Please note that numbers are limited.  Interested parents can phone Kathie Hendon on 0439-987-757 or email :