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Our focus areas for 2016

Our school priorities for 2016 are improving student achievement particularly in spelling, reading and number, especially number facts, through explicit teaching in a safe and supportive environment.

Our primary resource for explicit teaching of spelling, word study and vocabulary is Words Their Way. Your child may bring home spelling homework which looks very different to that in past years, and talk about ‘doing sorts’. This research-based approach to spelling and word study is about children identifying patterns in words, and when and why words may not follow an expected pattern. The purpose of spelling is writing, so your child may have a list of words they can already spell, but not use regularly and correctly in their writing. Deeper understanding of the words, resulting in a larger and stronger vocabulary, is the goal, and children need time to build vocabulary knowledge and move it to their long term memory.

Reading is the skill upon which many other successes are built throughout life. There are two complementary aspects of reading; fluency and comprehension. Your child may be asked to read material which seems easy, as they are very fluent, but they may not be comprehending all they are reading. Again, time to build a deeper understanding of what is being read, whilst moving knowledge and strategies for reading to long term memory, is the goal of teaching reading. Reading Eggs is an online resource children can access at home through our school subscription, and provides games and activities to develop and consolidate reading fluency and comprehension.

Number and basic number facts:

A strong sense of numbers and how they work is vital to live and work in society. We use the expectations of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, to develop our school program. Automaticity of basic number facts, or the ability to recall facts without needing to calculate, is one element of number sense. Being able to free up working memory through quick recall of facts will then allow more working space in the memory for problem solving and deeper understanding of many aspects of number. Many games and apps fro mobile devise are available to support the fast recall of basic facts; search in your preferred search engine or app store.

As well as basic facts, there are critical mathematic understandings which will provide a foundation for many applications throughout life. All children need to build their knowledge and understanding of these concepts in particular;

·         Number sense and place value, and an understanding of our decimal number system

·         The four basic operations and the relationship between them; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

·         Fractions, including decimal fractions and percentages

·         Basic number facts to 10 x 10, or even 12 x 12

·         Time

·         Money

If you would like more information about how you can support your child in Mathematics, please contact your child’s teacher.​