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Year 6 Camp Maranatha 2018

Year six students have recently returned from Camp Maranatha situated in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. It was a great experience that allowed the students to build confidence and team work while challenging themselves to try new activities that looked a little bit scary. The husky teams worked well to lift their team mates on the Possum Pull. Leap of Faith looked quite daunting, but many conquered their fears and had a go. The flying fox at the end of the mid ropes resulted in many high pitched screams of joy and exhilaration.  

The night activities were terrific. On the first night, Team Mexico won the Amazing Race – just too many road blocks for some countries. Each team danced creatively to the bongo drums but the team skiing was a little less successful. On the second night, with only A Minute to Win It, teams competed against the clock, and each other to attempt some rather difficult challenges. Some tasks were quite unique and there were a lot of hilarious moments, great fun!

 Everyone found their inner awesome! 

  • The best part of camp was the activities. I liked how you needed to work as a team or be encouraged by one another. It was a really good camp and everything was amazing, even the food. It was a wonderful experience and I would definitely go again. Ella C
  • I liked the instructors. They helped and encouraged you. My favourite part was the abseiling. It was fun and scary and I liked mid ropes too because it was fun going down the flying fox at the end and going across the tightrope. Katelyn S
  • The mid ropes were challenging and it was my favourite part about the camp. Arabella T
  • Maranatha Recreation Camp was really fun. The best activity was Possum Pull because you get pulled up 14 metres. The beds were really comfortable and the food was delicious. The best thing about camp was the Leap of Faith especially when you climb up the pole. Your heart is bumping. The best thing about the Leap of Faith is hitting the ball. It is really a challenge! Hagen B
  • Camp was amazing. There were so many activities that had heights in them. The instructors were so kind. I loved the food and I recommend you to go there. James A