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Wilsonton Agicultural Centre Visit

Wow! What an experience! The visit was educational and interesting. On Tuesday 12th June, 4E and 4D went on an excursion to the Wilsonton Agricultural Centre.
At the commencement of the day we learnt how bees make honey, how they live and who does which jobs. We also fed chickens, held chicks and learnt the names of the food chickens eat. As well as this, we found out that if you step back away from sheep they will turn their heads toward you.
During the lunch break, Mr Blinco (our guide) cooked the pizzas we made and provided different milks for us to taste. The extra activities he provided during the break included going on a tractor, an erosion activity, making bricks and planting plants in the right soil.  Did you know that one teaspoon of healthy soil has more micro-organisms than people on the planet?
It was a wonderful day full of learning and hands on activities.
by Jackson Winnett