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Darling Downs Maths Challenge - 2016 - Maths Rocks

​On Tuesday 17 May, fourteen very excited Year 5 Highfields students participated in the Darling Downs Maths Team Challenge. The Challenge involves some very high level problem solving, as both a whole team and in pairs. Despite the fact that we came to this competition quite late and managed only three half hour training sessions, all of these students were really keen to have a go. And amazingly, one of our teams came a tie for sixth place out of 27 teams from across the Downs. Our second team improved their overall position in the Relay Event – and we all came away keen to have another crack next year. Highfields obviously has a wealth of raw talent in Maths. Thank you to all the parents who transported the students to this competition at such short notice. It was a really joyful experience. 

To give you an idea of the Maths level these students were challenged with, I’m including two problems. Both our teams solved the first one. I haven’t found anyone yet, who can help me solve the second one! If you can work it out – PLEASE tell me.  (I have the answer, but can’t work out how to get it.)

1.  While studying on the weekend, Shari spent 1/3 of her study time doing an assignment, 1/5 of her time revising her notes and 7 hours of her time doing online quizzes. How much time did she spend studying on the weekend?

2.   What is the next number in the sequence below?

6,  16,  40,  84,  154,  256,  396,  …….

Julie Keating, Maths Team Challenge co-ordinator