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ICAS English and Spelling

2014 International Competitions & Assessments for Schools - English and Spelling Results
The 2014 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) have now finished being conducted and results back in schools. Over various Friday assemblies, students have received recognition of their participation and achievement. We congratulate all our participants on their achievements and their obvious desire to ‘fly high with learning’. Below are photos of some of the students who received awards.
Distinction - Benjamin McLean, Seth McMahon,  Morgan Galvin,  Sophie Burke
Credit - Hannah Stopford, Amy Barrett, Kiera Edge, Saxon Blake, Lachlan Fanning, Maggie Lambert-Smith, Declan McArthur, Mitchell Sainsbury, Zac Stritch-Hoddle
Merit - Harrison Clancy, Kate Beahan, Liam Bright, Jack Merrick, Lilliann Tate, Amy Wells, Nikita Bezuidenhout, Isabel Lanigan

Participation - Patrick Baigrie, Neve Branson, Jesse Edser, Lydia Jocumsen, Lyla Kinivan, Trelise Sterritt, Lincoln Thornton, Callum Galvin, Alexander Jackson, William Parker, Georgina Simpson, Emelia Wingrave, Andrew Lynn, Samuel Parker, Samuel Wilkins, Alanah Coverdale, Benjamin Fox, Shae Tomlinson, Niko Brown, Matthew Culleton, Lauren Hopgood, Luke Levitt, Pattrick Neitz, Bianca Nieuwendaal, Mackenzie Park 




Distinction - Harrison Clancy, Claire Jocumsen, Neve Crossinggum
Credit - Darcy Carswell, Benjamin McLean, Emelia Wingrave, Blake Ehrlich, Samuel Parker, Lillian Tate, Hayley Alston, Morgan Galvin, Mitchell Sainsbury, Shae Tomlinson, Matthew Culleton, Elyse Coggan, Sophie Burke
Merit - Patrick Baigrie, Callum Galvin, Callum McCarthy, Zac Stritch-Hoddle, Declan McArthur, Luke Levitt, Patrick King, Amy Jocumson
Participation - Elle Rayner, Trelise Sterritt, Seth McMahon, Caitlin McCarthy, Kiera Edge, Hamish Andreas, Alexander Jackson, Amy Wells, Mitchell Eastment, Samuel Wilkins, Rhys Brown, Saxon Blake, Hugh Andreas, Harrison Beyer, Alanah Coverdale, Lachlan Fanning, Ben Fox, Conner McArthur, Chloe Stafford, Gareth Swinney, Lauren Hopgood, Emily Hooper, Isabel Lanigan, Mackenzie Park, Brooklyn Ruddy